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Rainer Böse

Rainer Böse, Dipl.-Ing. VDI

More than 8 years of experience with the calculation of technical products. For over 9 years of project work in the areas of localisation, manufacturing quality and cost optimisation, among others in India, China, Turkey and East Europe. Previously Head of quality in the automotive, electronics and plastics processing.

„In many of my cost projects I found customers who calculate very exact, even using calculation tools. On the other hand I was often asked for material prices, wages and machines rates. Sources and the validity of used data were often unclear. Through this the idea for DatCos was originated. A special offer for cost calculators, product developers, project developers and strategic buyers.“

Christian Heinsohn

Christian Heinsohn, Dipl.-Ing.

He is an informatics engineer FH and responsible for the data and web technology by SEUTA. During more than ten years of professional practice he could fan out his abilities in software development as well as in hardware development. Indeed his focus in the meantime lies in the topical web technologies.

He has created the SEUTA platform and now he develops it in the sense of customers needs.