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New materials at DatCos

New material rates (February 2018)

From now on, you have further raw material prices available. After positive analysis of sources observed for a long time, we now also offer some other alloying materials and operating materials for foundries and other raw materials. Our range of material prices now includes 50 raw materials, 14 plastics, 195 casting materials and 97 steel grades (partly in different half formats).

The complete data list can be found here: cost sets from February 2018.

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New data at DatCos

New material rates in April 2017

Raw material prices for elastomers such as natural rubber and rubber materials are now available. After a positive analysis of material prices and sources that have been observed for some time now, we are also offering more alloying metals, scrap types and basic materials in the field of new technologies. Here we have extended our range with lithium, some rare earths and minerals. Here you can find all cost sets from April 2017

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Material cost types expanded

Semi-finished steel product prices now starting (May 2016)

Our list of material prices is greatly expanded since May.
In addition to about 190 iron and steel casting materials we provide now for 78 steel materials also different application forms. So far the following forms of delivery are available: feedstock forging, cold and hot coil, plate material and cut lengths for machining.
Your selected steel grades include the cost of the feedstock for a steel foundry. To convert the cost rates please delete and add a complete set of parameter information (delivery form and country).

Also we expanded the range of precious metals and rare earths by additional 12 materials.
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English SEUTA site

Seuta site now available in English (May 2015)

In May 2015 the English SEUTA site goes online. This allows us to support international corporated customer.

The switch German / English you can find in the bottom control bar.

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New data offer

New regional labor costs for China and India (April 2015)

From April onwards, we offer labor costs not only for 41 countries in the world but for 20 regions in China and India.
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Seuta Newsletter has started in March 2015

Some important material prices each month, market news and trends about materials, energy and nevertheless news at Seuta

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For more material cost rates and news please go to

Or try the test account for free and find out how we can help you to run your business with base data.

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SEUTA has been established as GmbH

after I worked over a year with the preparations for Datcos the decision to found a company was made in end of 2013. In Mr. Heinsohn I found the needed competences for IT and Internet.

So SEUTA has been established in January 2014 with the aim to go online by end of the year.

Rainer Böse

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