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System - Engineering - Environment - Transparency - Application. Spoken like Ceuta: Spanish town on the North African coast near the Straits of Gibraltar. The name comes from the Arabic meaning "seven brothers".
Our intention
Reliability. We provide services that we have understood. Transparency: we deliver data sources and explanations. Without explanation data are worthless.
Structure of DatCos
We devide in main categories. This is to structure the quantity of data and helps you searching of specific data.
Raw material
Raw materials are on earth findable materials and funded substances (chemically impure elements), impure materials and traded waste. For example steel scrap type 2; Bauxit (preform with AL).
This technical materials are generated in steel mills, foundries or the chemical industry. Materials are specified by composition or material properties. For ex.: EN AC-46200 (Aluminiumlegierung L226), Steel No. 1.4408 (GX5CrNiMo19-11-2).
Semi-finished product
All material prices for semi-finished products and materials are based on market research, publicly available information and audited cost models. It is our claim that this information as best as possible are correct and are usable. Our semi-finished steel prices are based on the mapping of cost structures in the steel industry. Our costing models for the production based on knowledge of the process and take account of raw material costs, exchange rates, energy costs, quipment costs, transport costs and personnel costs. In addition, we use econometric models, which we have built to reflect macroeconomic factors such as profits and overheads for pricing due to market dynamics. However, real steel prices include a number of other factors do not account for our models. These include trade rules as import safeguards, anti-dumping measures, tariffs and other governmental interference in the normal trade patterns. About a third of steel production in a country can flow into the export. Changes in local market conditions of a country can thus have an impact on the pricing in other parts of the world. Minimum order charges, additional processing costs and processing costs in the field of coatings, quality certificates and special tests are not included in our prices. Accordingly, our prices can only reflect a lower price limit generally.
This area we use for stuff payment and energy cost.
Here you can find for the main countries financial data as exchange rates, inflation rates and base rates.
Here you find data without pricebase like market indexes or political data like corruption-index.
Need more materials?
Please ask us directly. Much more data we already got. But our tests for stability and quality are time-consuming and the defining of specific pricing is our most extensive process and therefore it has to follow customer needs.
Old data
We calculate depending on your account up to 36 month retroactive. Historical data are online as long as selection and account are valid.